Celebrating 10 years serving the Middletown, Odessa & Townsend, DE communities and beyond!

Celebrating 10 years serving the Middletown, Odessa & Townsend, DE communities and beyond!

  • All Therapy Middleton, DE
  • All Therapy Middleton, DE
  • All Therapy Middleton, DE
  • All Therapy Middleton, DE
  • All Therapy Middleton, DE

As of Monday, August 3, 2020 we have relocated to 101 North Broad Street to better serve the growing MOT community. We look forward to exceeding your expectations with level of service.

Welcome to ALL Therapy
Physical Therapy & Wellness

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide superior therapeutic care to address the rehabilitative and educational needs of our patients.

At ALL Therapy we incorporate physical rehabilitation, fitness training, injury prevention education and lifestyle awareness to best promote awareness and functional independence.

Realized benefits of physical therapy include:
  • Restoration of Strength and Mobility
  • Increased Endurance
  • Improved Balance and Coordination
  • Pain Reduction
  • Correction of Gait Abnormalities
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Reduction of Stress
  • Reduction of Muscle Spasms
  • Energy Conservation
  • Injury Prevention Education

*ALL Therapy also provides Backstage Dance Services, and has become an industry leader for Wellness and Injury Prevention Education for schools, community centers, active adult communities and more. Contact us now for speaking engagements or involvement in your next community outreach event.

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We believe MOVEMENT IS FREEDOM and look forward to helping you achieve your results.

Dr. Aisha Lord Ryan MSPT, DPT, CMTPT of ALL Therapy Physical Therapy & Wellness had an article recently featured within the New Castle County Women’s Journal entitled “Physical Therapist Or A Chiropractor?” The article compares and contrasts physical therapy and chiropractic care, explains the difference between the two and helps consumers understand which may be the better choice for their condition.

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Hear From Our Recovered Clients

  • This has truly been a treat. I have progressed beyond my expectations I had coming in. Thanks for everything.


  • Great Job!! I would highly recommend your organization to others. You guys know what to do for pain.


  • An excellent place for your therapeutic needs.

    D. BROWN

  • I thank you for your help and treating a fellow PT. I also appreciate the newsletters and birthday mail. Good public relations.

    S. BOWEN


    S. MOORE

  • I feel a lot better after 3 sessions of training. I will definitely come back if needed. Thank you very much for all your help.


Meet Our Therapists
  • Dr. Aisha L. Lord Ryan

    • Doctorate in Physical Therapy
    • Certified in Manual Trigger Point Therapy
    • CEO & Founder

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  • Stephanie Lord

    Executive Office Assistant

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  • Nick Ryan

    Director of Marketing and Business Development

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