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Diagram of Trigger Point Complex

Dr. Aisha Lord Ryan, owner of ALL Therapy is pleased to now offer Trigger Point Dry Needling at our practice locations.

Trigger Point Dry Needling involves placing a small needle into the muscle at the trigger point, which is typically in an area where the muscle is tight and may be tender, with the intent of causing the muscle to contract and then release, improving the flexibility of the muscle and therefore decreasing the symptoms.

This type of treatment is beneficial for patients with referred pain patterns.┬áPain may be felt in one are, however the pain source derives from another area of the body.┬áDry needling uses a small needle to treat the source of the pain. Patients who receive this treatment show little or no inflammation or damage to the tissue. Treatment can be formed almost anywhere on the body, according to the patient’s source of pain.

Diagram of Muscle Tightness

Tightness of the muscles treated during dry needling may cause the process to be uncomfortable. This is usually brief and tends to subside within seconds as the muscle relaxes. Over the next day or so, patients may experience soreness, but should make sure to note how long they are without actual pain and tightness within the treated muscles. Dry needling will be alternated, usually, on a weekly basis with regular therapy sessions, as a resting period for treated muscles.

If you are interested in receiving trigger point dry needling to alleviate referred pain, or have further questions about this type of treatment or any other physical therapy needs, contact our office at:

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